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Family, friends and elephants in Zimbabwe

Finally back in Zimbabwe! Arriving there I think we were both just very happy to be back, but also relieved everything had been going so well so far, that we had reached our goal (getting there in time for Christmas), excited to see family and friends over the next few weeks and also to get […]

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Thoughts on a Saturday in February

The first few weeks of contacting potential sponsors have really made me realize how hard it is and how long it will take. I didn’t think it would be easy or over in a week, but I’m really starting to understand the immensity of it. To be honest, I had my moments in the beginning […]

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Still not over in Zimbabwe

It’s been some time since we last heard about war vets taking over farms and lodges back in Zim, but apparently it is still happening, without anyone interfering. Brian found this article yesterday, it’s the lodge where we stayed for his sister’s wedding just over a year ago. It’s close to the town where Brian […]

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