Charity project

Update September 2013: Kooperation Utan Gränser/Swedish Cooperative Centre changed its name to We Effect earlier this year.

We feel enormously fortunate to be able to do this trip and we want to give something back to the people we meet along the way. We decided to try and do this by raising money to a development organisation that is operating in Africa. A percentage of all the sponsorship funds we will gain will go to the organisation and we’re also inviting anyone amongst our families and friends to donate, however big or small the amount may be.

We will be raising money for the organisation We Effect

(formerly known as Kooperation Utan Gränser in Swedish and Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC) internationally).

we effect new logo

This is how the organisation describes its work on the website:

“Through long-term development work and ‘help to self-help’ we equip poor people with the tools needed to fight poverty themselves.”

Their focus are these three main areas:

- rural development

- housing and habitat

- financial services

We Effect is operating in Africa, South America, eastern Europe and Asia. They’ve worked in sub-Saharan Africa since the 1950′s and operate in nine countries, out of which we will be driving through eight of them; Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Moçambique.

As a donor you can be sure that your money ends up where it’s aimed for. Out of every 100 SEK no less than 91 SEK actually goes to the organisation’s projects (and the rest goes to administration and information campaigns).


How the money is used

Project expenses by geographic location


Bidra till We Effect’s arbete!

Det finns tre sätt att stödja We Effect’s arbete:

1. Bankgiro/Plusgiro. Sätt in valfri summa till We Effect på Plusgiro 90 10 01-8 eller Bankgiro 901-0018. Glöm ej då att uppge “Wayawaya” i textfältet.

2. SMS. Du kan också SMS:a “SJÄLVHJÄLP XX” till 72900 där du ersätter XX med beloppet du vill ge till We Effect (mellan 50 och 200 kronor). Glöm då inte att maila oss på så att vi vet att du har gett en gåva.

3. Internet. Du kan också skänka pengar direkt via We Effect’s hemsida. Precis som med SMS – glöm då inte att meddela oss att du har gett ett bidrag genom att maila oss på

For those of you outside Sweden who would like to donate, I’d recommend the last option. Visit their website and you’ll have guidance from there how to give your support! Thank you!