Toyota is both supporting the project and providing us with all the cruiser spares needed for a trip like this! We already feel good about driving a Landcruiser – now we’re also prepared for any situation along the way.

Garmin is supporting us financially as well as hooking us up with the latest GPS equipment!

Kama Fritid is providing us with a big collection of camping gear and equipment.

Primus, known for making cooking in the outdoors easy and convenient, are providing us with everything we need for cooking, eating, drinking and more – and their products are light weight, small size and eco friendly!

BDS and Autoservice & Däck in Haninge have helped us out enormously preparing for departure with discounts on oils and batteries, mounting our new tyres and rims and servicing the cruiser for us.

Telemar is providing us with sat-com equipment.

Preem is providing us with a full tank of the new more environmental friendly diesel, Preem Evolution Diesel, giving us a good start to the trip!

Brunton is providing us with solar cell power during the trip.

Outnorth has provided us with excellent footwear from Salomon and a GoPro action camera!

Thanks to Smart Solutions and Telenor, you will be able to follow our every move on a map throughout the entire trip!

PickPack has equipped us with a mixed bunch of useful things for the trip.

Normark has provided us with knives from Rapala and torches from Princeton Tec.

iForm has supported us in getting fit and ready for our expedition.

Armygross has a lot of great gear for outdoor life and roughing it and gave us a good discount.

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We can’t in words express how grateful we are towards family, friends and colleagues who have believed in this project and supported us through highs and lows, with gear, advice or simply a hug when really needed. We can’t buy you flowers, gifts or whiskey – but we’re looking forward to taking you all on a great ride, sharing this dream with you, and we’ll be happy to cook you dinner and tell you loads of traveller’s tales as we’re back after the trip.

We would like to give BIG THANKS to Micke Vistrand, Brian’s boss, who has let us keep our Landcruiser in his garage where we’ve been able to work on it and where it’s been kept indoors and protected. Preparing the cruiser for the trip would have been much more difficult without this opportunity and we are very grateful.