Preparations, part II

Here are a new bunch of pictures of the preparations, just so that you guys who have already gone through the first page don’t have to scroll through all of the old photos to see the new ones every time.

We were busy with something inside the garage one day when I looked out at the car and thought, hmm, that looks kind of cool, maybe we should paint it in zebra stripes..?

















The wheel arch flares had been taken off the car long ago. We looked into buying new ones, or even secondhand, but the price was a little too hefty for something we felt we could do without. Brian however didn’t like the holes they left on the wheel arches and came up with the clever idea to paint a strip along side the car to cover them up. Said and done, he swiftly filled in the holes and sanded it all down nice and smooth.













He then started by spraying a layer of primer.













And then a couple of coats of durable black paint.













And here’s a quick view of the results. Plus the new headlights are in on this photo as well, which you can read about in this blog post (coming shortly).













In front of the roof tent we’ve constructed our own little sun deck. The first idea we had was to open up so that you can climb up from inside the car, through a hatch and sit on the sun deck – for example during safaris. One of us will drive and the other can sit up there, taking photos. (Do I need to tell you I start jumping up and down just by planning these things?) The plan is also to be able to use it as a storage space and probably put a storage box in front. But when we don’t need to put anything up there, we’ll leave it empty and it will be perfect when we feel like a lazy morning. We’ll open up the tent in front, crawl out onto the sun deck, make some tea and sit there and enjoy the morning sun and the view of wherever we are. (Also quite a nice thought.)